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The Inmates - Heatwave In Alaska [Bonus Tracks]

Banda: The Inmates
Disco: Heatwave In Alaska [Bonus Tracks]
Ano: 2017(*)
Gênero: Pub Rock, R&B, Garage Rock
1. She's Gone Rockin' (Donnelly) 2:49
2. Something About You (Dozier, Holland) 3:02
3. Long Distance Man (Staines) 3:23
4. Broken Hearted (Staines) 3:15
5. You Can Bet (A Broken Heart) (Everly) 2:38
6. Remember, I've Been Good To You (Carter, Tynes, Womack) 2:48
7. Three Little Sisters (Russell) 2:26
8. Unhappy Boy (Staines) 3:43
9. Yeah Yeah Yeah (Staines) 2:32
10. On The Beat (Difford, Tilbrook) 3:10
11. Who's Foolin' Who (Walsh, Omartian, Price, Bari) 4:18
12. Send Some Of Your Loving (My Way) (Staines) 3:15
13. Me And The Boys [Single A-Side, 1981] [Bonus Track] (Adams) 2:59
14. Betty Lou [Single B-Side, 1981] [Bonus Track] (Donnelly, Hurley, Russell, Staines, Oliver) 2:54
Bill Hurley: Vocals
Peter Gunn: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tony Oliver: Rhythm Guitar
Ben Donnelly: Bass Guitar
Jim Russell: Percussion, Vocals
Músicos adicionais:
John "Irish" Earle: Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
Dick Hanson: Trumpet
Ray Beavis: Tenor Saxophone
Chris Gower: Trombone
Pete Wingfield: Keyboards
Junior Walker: Saxophone (faixa 2)
Bob Cotton: String Bass (faixa 7)
(*) LP lançado originalmente em 1982.


A biografia da banda já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "First Offence", de 1979.

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