segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2018

Davy Knowles - Best Of The Bootlegs 2017

Músico: Davy Knowles
Disco: Best Of The Bootlegs 2017
Ano: 2018
Gênero: Alternative Rock, Blues Rock, Country Blues
1. Catch The Moon (Davy Knowles) 3:02
2. Gov't Row (Davy Knowles) 3:27
3. Coming Up For Air (Davy Knowles) 12:12
4. Outside Women Blues (Blind Joe Reynolds) 7:33
5. Falling Apart (Davy Knowles) 8:05
6. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood) 7:34
7. First Words Of A Changing Man (Davy Knowles) 2:27
8. Amber's Song (Davy Knowles) 3:30
9. Oxford, MS (Davy Knowles) 3:30
10. Come Home (Davy Knowles) 9:40
11. Gotta Leave (Davy Knowles) 13:18
Davy Knowles: Guitars, Vocals
Andrew Toombs: Keyboards, Vocals
Marvin Little: Bass, Vocals
Michael Caskey: Drums, Vocals


A biografia do músico já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "Roll Away", de 2007.

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