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Sloan - One Chord To Another

Banda: Sloan
Disco: One Chord To Another
Ano: 1996
Gênero: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Powerpop
1. The Good In Everyone (2:18)
2. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay (2:38)
3. Autobiography (3:19)
4. Junior Panthers (2:38)
5. G Turns To D (3:25)
6. A Side Wins (3:11)
7. Everything You've Done Wrong (3:27)
8. Anyone Who's Anyone (2:47)
9. The Lines You Amend (2:33)
10. Take The Bench (3:51)
11. Can't Face Up (3:55)
12. 400 Metres (4:29)
Músicas de autoria da banda.
Jay Ferguson, Patrick Pentland: Guitars, Vocals
Chris Murphy: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Scott: Drums, Vocals
Mike Cowie: Trumpet
Brendan McGuire: Bass ("400 Metres")


A biografia da banda já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "Smeared [Bonus Tracks]", de 1992.

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Indignaldo Silva disse...


angstytimelord disse...

This band is AMAZING! I love their "Smeared" album, so I'm really excited to hear this one. Judging from all of the online reviews, this is supposed to be one of their best.

Hope you had a terrific New Year's Eve and that this year brings you a lot of happiness (and great music!).

Indignaldo Silva disse...

Many thanks for your comment, angstytimelord. And happy New Year for you too.

KDNYfm disse...

Great band and my favorite album by them...thanx very much!

Indignaldo Silva disse...

You're welcome, KDNYfm.

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