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Johnny Casino's Easy Action - I Paid For Affection No The House Of Correction!

Banda: Johnny Casino's Easy Action
Disco: I Paid For Affection No The House Of Correction!
Ano: 2005
Gênero: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Garage Rock
1. Jack Of Diamonds (Traditional) 4:44
2. Stop And Think It Over (Greg Cartwright) 3:46
3. Gotta Get Back (John Spittles, Grahame Spittles, Howard Saunders) 3:49
4. The Accidental Groupie (John Ilisco, Grahame Spittles, John Spittles) 2:44
5. Jenny Jenny Jenny (Little Richard, Enotris Johnson) 2:17
6. Jumpin In The Night (John Spittles, Howard Saunders) 3:16
7. The Shape I'm In (Robbie Robertson) 3:30
8. The Last Train To Wissahicken (John Spittles, Howard Saunders, Grahame Spittles) 4:37
9. Treatin’ Me Kind (John Spittles, Grahame Spittles, John Ilisco, Stylin Steve McCarthy) 2:58
10. I Gotta Woman (John Spittles) 2:42
11. Number One (Unknown) 3:22
12. Straight Back To You (John Spittles, Stewart Cunningham, Grant McIver) 4:03
Johnny Casino: Guitars, Vocals
Thee Cosmic Commander: Vocals, Percussion
Deluxe Brother Grahame: Vocals
Michael Evans: Bass Guitar
John "The Kid" Ilisco: Drums
Joe Deluca: Piano, Keyboards
Michael Wilhelm: Guitars (faixas 1, 10)
Stylin Steve McCarthy: Bass Guitar (faixas 1, 9)


A biografia de Johnny Casino já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "We've Forgotten More Than You'll Ever Know", de 2005.

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