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Blue Rodeo - Nowhere To Here

Banda: Blue Rodeo
Disco: Nowhere To Here
Ano: 1995
Gênero: Folk Rock, Country Rock
1. Save Myself (6:01)
2. Girl In Green (6:23)
3. What You Want (4:16)
4. Side Of The Road (6:21)
5. Better Off As We Are (3:29)
6. Sky (6:01)
7. Brown-Eyed Dog (4:52)
8. Blew It Again (5:40)
9. Get Through To You (4:08)
10. Armour (4:02)
11. Train (3:50)
12. Flaming Bed (8:04)
Músicas de autoria de Greg Keelor e Jim Cuddy.
Jim Cuddy: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Kim Deschamps: Pedal & Lap Steel, Dobro
Bazil Donovan: Bass, Guitar
James Gray: Keyboards, Guitorgan
Greg Keelor: Vocals, Guitar
Glenn Milchem: Drums
Músicos adicionais:
Sarah McLachlan: Backup Vocals ("Save Myself", "Girl In Green", "Brown-Eyed Dog")
John Whynot: Six String Fender Bass ("Girl In Green", "Brown-Eyed Dog"), Piano ("Get Through To You"), Farfisa ("Train")


A biografia da banda já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "Casino", de 1990.

4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Thank you for the Blue Rodeo album. I've liked everything I've heard so far by this band.


Indignaldo Silva disse...

You're welcome, Mike.

KDNYfm disse...

Thanx again for a chance to check out another fine Canadian album...I've seen Blue Rodeo several times and have several of their albums on vinyl and CD, but I have to check some out ahead of time now as Jim Cuddy's writing seems to get repetitive to me...

Indignaldo Silva disse...

Thanks for comment, KDNYfm.

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