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Cracker - Garage d'Or

Banda: Cracker
Disco: Garage d'Or
Ano: 2000
Gênero: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Country Rock
Disc 1
1. Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) (Lowery) 4:15
2. This Is Cracker Soul (Faragher, Hickman, Lowery) 3:42
3. I See The Light (Faragher, Hickman, Lowery) 5:11
4. Low (Lowery, Hickman, Faragher) 4:36
5. Get Off This (Lowery, Faragher, Hickman) 4:21
6. Sweet Potato (Faragher, Hickman, Lowery) 3:13
7. Euro-Trash Girl (Lowery, Hickman, Faragher, Peters) 8:05
8. Shake Some Action (Jordan, Wilson) 4:28
9. Sweet Thistle Pie (Lowery, Hickman) 5:01
10. I'm A Little Rocket Ship (Lowery, Hickman) 3:25
11. Big Dipper (Lowery) 5:39
12. Seven Days (Lowery, Hickman) 4:24
13. Been Around The World (Lowery) 4:57
14. Be My Love (Lowery) 4:14
15. Heaven Knows I'm Lonely Now (Lowery, Hickman) 5:12
16. Eyes Of Mary (Lowery) 2:24
Disc 2
1. Surfbilly [Recorded For The Johnnie Walker Saturday Show On BBC Radio 1, London, December 1994] (Lowery, Hickman) 1:54
2. The Golden Age [Live At The Blue Loon, Fairbanks, Alaska, April 1999] (Lowery, Hickman) 3:44
3. You Ain't Going Nowhere [Live At The Bowery Ballroom, New York City, March 1999] (Dylan) 3:29
4. Hollywood Cemetary [Outtake From "Gentleman's Blues"] (Lowery) 5:02
5. Whole Lotta Trouble [From The Film "Empire Records"] (Lowery, Hickman) 2:28
6. I Want Out Of The Circus [Live Performance, June 1997] (Lowery) 3:58
7. Steve's Hornpipe [Demo Recorded At David And Johnny's Oregon Hill House, August 1990] (Lowery, Hickman) 2:11
8. Mr. Wrong [Live At Slim's, San Francisco, CA, October 1998] (Hickman) 4:52
9. Sunday Train [Outtake From "Kerosene Hat"] (Lowery, Hickman) 3:42
10. Lonesome Johnny Blues [Live At Pappy And Harriet's Pioneertown Palace, Pioneertown, CA, March 1996] (Hickman) 2:58
11. Rainy Days And Mondays [From The Carpenters Tribute Album "If I Were A Carpenter", 1994] (Williams, Nichols) 3:46
12. China [Demo From The First Cracker CD] (Lowery, Hickman) 3:11
Créditos (prováveis):
David Lowery: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Johnny Hickman: Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Davey Faragher: Bass, Backing Vocals
Rick Jaeger: Drums
Phil Jones: Percussion
Jim Keltner: Drums
Michael Urbano: Drums
Bob Rupe: Bass
Charlie Quintana: Drums
Frank Funaro: Drums
Eddie Bayers: Drums
Jean McClain: Backing Vocals
Adam Duritz, Dan Vickerey, Joan Osborne: Unknown Contribution ("You Ain't Going Nowhere")


A biografia da banda já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "Cracker", de 1992.   

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