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Johnny Casino - keep on keepin' on! (bibs & bobs)

Músico: Johnny Casino
Disco: keep on keepin' on! (bibs & bobs)
Ano: 2013
Gênero: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Garage Rock
CD 1: keep on keepin' on!
1. How could I ever love you? (B. Fox, J. Spittles, S. Nash) 4:23
2. If you want it (J. Spittles) 3:34
3. Trying to be your man (J. Spittles, S. Nash) 2:53
4. Only a fool (J. Spittles, S. Nash) 3:47
5. You got me walkin' (J. Spittles, P. Patterson) 3:23
6. Nothing left to hide (J. Spittles) 5:18
7. The country mile (J. Spittles, M. Lisa) 4:20
8. Keep on keepin' on (J. Spittles) 5:20
9. Cowboys and indians (J. Spittles) 3:23
10. Take me down to the river (J. Spittles) 4:23
11. New clothes old shoes (Unknown) 6:18
12. Brother Grahame says (J. Spittles) 2:21
13. I am who I am (Unknown) 4:00
14. The road to Ithaca (Unknown) 2:59
15. From lip to lip (Unknown) 3:21
16. Can't be who you want me to be (Unknown) 3:12
17. Can't find my way thru the door (Unknown) 4:34
18. Deaf leading the blind (Unknown) 4:08
CD 2: bibs & bobs
19. The letter (Unknown) 2:23
20. The ballad of a thin man (B. Dylan) 4:22
21. Who needs you (Unknown) 4:46
22. Everybody loves me (A. Escovedo) 4:44
23. I should have killed you (J. Spittles) 7:03
24. Sunken treasure (Unknown) 2:46
25. New clothes old shoes (Unknown) 3:23
26. Outcast (Johnson, Campbell) 3:03
27. Drunk and tired (Unknown) 4:48
28. Some day you'll go (Unknown) 7:21
29. I am who I am (reprise) (Unknown) 1:17
30. Try a little kindness (Unknown) 2:31
31. Spicks and specks (Unknown) 3:12
32. When I'm gone (J. Spittles) 3:00
Créditos (prováveis):
Johnny Casino (aka John Spittles): Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Mick Poole: Guitar
Brad Shepherd: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Harp, Banjo
Kent Steedman: Guitar
Ken Watt: Guitar
Jeremy Craib: Piano, Hammond Organ
Mark Horne: Bass
Scott Nash: Bass, Backing Vocals
Kendal James: Bass
Brad Miller: Bass
Ben Fox: Drums
Mike Burnham: Drums
Warren Hall: Drums
David Weir: Tenor Saxophone
Lucian McGuiness, Anthony Hayden: Trombone
Sloth: Trumpet
James Greening: Trombone, Trumpet
Billy Gibson: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Karina Goddard, Monique Lisa: Backing Vocals
Grahame Spittles: Baritone Vocals
Megan Bawden: Vocals
Kath Elis: Violin
Carl Ekman, Rodney Todd: Handclaps


A biografia de Johnny Casino já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "We've Forgotten More Than You'll Ever Know", de 2005.

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Anônimo disse...

thank you

Indignaldo Silva disse...

You're welcome, RV.

Noni Pombo disse...

O link non vai, alguén pode resubilo? Obrigado

Indignaldo Silva disse...

Link consertado.

Noni Pombo disse...

@Indignaldo Silva obrigado, saúdos dende Santiago de Compostela.

Indignaldo Silva disse...

OK, Noni. Saludo para usted también.

Rockandre disse...

Fantástico. Muito obrigado!

Indignaldo Silva disse...

Não há de quê, Rockandre.

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