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Diesel Park West - Discografia básica

Banda: Diesel Park West
Gênero: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Disco: Shakespeare Alabama [Bonus Tracks]
Ano: 1989(*)
1. Like Princes Do (Butler) 3:04
2. All the Myths on Sunday (Butler, Willson) 4:27
3. Bell of Hope (Butler) 3:58
4. Out of Nowhere (Butler) 3:43
5. The Waking Hour (Butler) 5:36
6. When the Hoodoo Comes (Butler) 4:41
7. Opportunity Crazy (Butler) 4:07
8. Jackie's Still Sad (Butler) 4:03
9. Here I Stand (Butler) 4:03
10. A House Divided (Butler, Seymour) 4:35
11. Don't Be Scared On The Night [Bonus Track] (Butler) 3:17
12. What About Us! [Bonus Track] (Butler) 3:48
13. The Girl Whit The Name [Bonus Track] (Butler) 3:16
14. All The Myths On Sunday [Bob Clearmountain Mix] [Bonus Track] (Butler, Willson) 4:26
15. When The Hoodoo Comes [Original Food Single] [Bonus Track] (Butler) 3:02
16. Poison From The Inkwell [Previously Unreleased] [Bonus Track] (Butler) 3:10
17. Wanderlust [Previously Unreleased] [Bonus Track] (Butler) 3:00
18. Last Bus To Madison [Previously Unreleased] [Bonus Track] (Butler) 3:54
Geoff Beavan: Bass
John Butler: Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar, Some Keyboards
David "Moth" Smith: Drummer
Rick Willson: Lead Guitars, Some Keyboards
Músicos adicionais:
Nicky Hopkins: Additional Keyboards
The Rothmans Choir: Backing Vocals
(*) CD lançado em 2005, com 8 faixas adicionais.

Disco: Flipped
Ano: 1990
1. The Girl With The Name [Single B-Side, 1987] (John Butler) 3:19
2. Above These Things [Single B-Side, 1987] (John Butler) 3:53
3. King Fluid [Single B-Side, 1991] (John Butler) 3:42
4. Bent, Shattered And Blue (John Butler) 4:02
5. Friends And Enemies [Single B-Side, 1988] (John Butler) 4:08
6. Endless Chains [Single B-Side, 1989] (John Butler) 4:19
7. Find Somebody (Brigati, Cavaliere) 3:03
8. Lazy Me (San Francisco) (Bob Mosley) 2:45
9. Memo From Turner [Single B-Side, 1989] (Richard, Jagger) 4:15
10. Mr. Soul [Single B-Side, 1989] [Live] (Neil Young) 3:03
11. Info Freako [Split EP B-Side, 1989] (Mike Edwards) 3:49
12. No Face, No Name, No Number (Stevie Winwood, Jim Capaldi) 3:24
O disco é uma coletânea de demos, sobras de estúdio e lados B de compactos.
Créditos (presumíveis):
Geoff Beavan: Bass
John Butler: Lead Vocal, Guitar, Keyboards
Rich Barton: Guitar
Rick Willson: Lead Guitars, Keyboards
David "Moth" Smith: Drums

Disco: Decency
Ano: 1991
1. While The World Cries Decency (4:38)
2. Walk With The Mountain (3:05)
3. Fall To Love (4:26)
4. Boy On Top Of The News (4:31)
5. Somewhere In The Afterglow (5:21)
6. Fine Lily Fine (4:40)
7. I Want No Mystery (2:50)
8. Till The Moon Struck Two (3:47)
9. Hot Summer Water (4:30)
10. Safe Life, Safe Times (5:11)
11. Clutching At Love (4:37)
Músicas de autoria de John Butler, exceto "Fine Lily Fine", composta por John Butler e Rick Willson.  
Créditos (prováveis):
Geoff Beavan: Bass
John Butler: Lead Vocal, Guitar, Keyboards
Rich Barton: Guitar
Rick Willson: Lead Guitars, Keyboards
Músico adicional:
Manu Katché: Drums

Disco: Damned Anthems [Bonus Tracks]
Ano: 1992(*)
CD 1
Live in Nachtwerk, Germany, February 1992
1. Like Princes Do (Butler) 2:54
2. All The Myths On Sunday (Butler, Willson) 4:26
3. Fall To Love (Butler) 4:11
4. Walk With The Moutain (Butler) 3:24
5. Here I Stand (Butler) 4:20
6. Boy On Top Of The News (Butler, Wilson) 4:14
7. Till The Moon Struck 2 (Butler) 3:32
8. Safe Life, Safe Times (Butler) 4:49
9. While The World Cries Decency (Butler) 6:51
10. When The Hoodoo Comes (Butler) 5:24
Roskilde Festival, Denmark, July 1989
11. I Want No Mistery (Butler) 2:42
12. Maybe Eastern Zone (Butler) 2:10
13. Jackie's Still Sad (Butler) 2:01
14. Like Princes Do (Butler) 2:43
15. Here I Stand (Butler) 2:12
16. All The Myths On Sunday (Butler, Wilson) 2:27
17. Mr. Soul (Young) 2:37
18. Bell Of Hope (Butler, Seymour) 3:12
19. House Divided (Butler) 4:54
20. Waking Hour (Butler) 6:28
CD 2
Live in Alton, Switzerland, April 1992
1. All The Myths On Sunday (Butler, Willson) 1:37
2. Fall To Love (Butler) 2:03
3. Silver Girl (Butler) 2:30
4. Walk With The Moutain (Butler) 2:42
5. Boy On The Top Of The News (Butler, Wilson) 1:59
6. Turn, Turn,Turn (Seeger) 2:14
7. Here I Stand (Butler) 2:42
8. Bell Of Hope (Butler) 4:13
9. Doesn't Candy Look Good (Butler) 2:53
10. Mr. Soul (Young) 2:32
11. Clutching At Love (Butler) 3:02
12. Safe Live, Safe Times (Butler) 3:14
13. While The World Cries Decency (Butler) 7:46
Bonus Tracks
Recorded at The Boardwalk, Sheffield, England 2004
14. Rock And Roll Woman (Stills) 2:50
15. Revelation Calling (Butler) 2:33
16. Hey Grandma (Miller, Stevenson) 3:09
Recorded at Abbey Park Festival, Leiceister, England 1988
17. When The Hoodoo Comes (Butler) 3:10
18. Out Of Nowhere (Butler) 2:42
19. House Divided (Butler, Seymour) 2:14
Recorded at The Charlotte, Leiceister, England 1993
20. Good Times-Liberation Blues (Butler) 4:58
John Butler: Vocals, Guitar
Geoff Beavan: Bass Guitar, Vocals
David "Moth" Smith: Drums
Rich Barton: Guitar
Rick Willson: Guitar
Dave Anderson: Drums
CD relançado em 2007, com 7 faixas adicionais.

Disco: Diesel Park West Versus The Corporate Waltz
Ano: 1993
1. Here On The Hill (3:34)
2. Six Days To Juju (3:42)
3. The Cat's Still Scratching (3:46)
4. Doesn't Candy Look Good (3:47)
5. You Killed Sugar Ray (3:50)
6. Vanity (3:17)
7. Where Will The Birds Sing? (4:46)
8. Wonderful (I Believe I'm Loving You) (4:53)
9. Good Times Liberation Blues (4:02)
10. Silver Girl (2:49)
11. Old Man's Bluff (4:58)
12. Hey Holly (4:41)
13. The Corporate Waltz (4:49)
Músicas de autoria de John Butler, exceto "Wonderful (I Believe I'm Loving You)", composta por John Butler e Rick Willson.
John Butler: Singing, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Rick Willson: Singing, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Richie Barton: Guitars
Paul Sampson: Guitars, Bass
Geoff Beavan: Bass
David Anderson: Drums, Percussion

Disco: FreakGene
Ano: 1995
1. There's No Mercy On The Ground Tonight (4:16)
2. Hippie Gonna Get You (4:00)
3. (The) Natural Things (4:25)
4. I See No Ships (3:25)
5. Prison Letters (3:46)
6. I Won't Testify (4:49)
7. Pass It On (4:00)
8. Competition (4:18)
9. Get Ready (4:56)
10. Living Like A Movie (3:25)
11. Quit Hurtin' (3:29)
12. People Get Lucky (3:45)
13. The Price Of Life (4:23)
14. Your Perfect Face (4:14)
15. Sole Survivor (4:18)
Músicas de autoria de John Butler, exceto "I Won't Testify", composta por John Butler, David Anderson, Ian Michie e Rick Willson, e "Your Perfect Face", composta por John Butler e Rick Willson.
David Anderson: Drumming, Shaking
Rick Willson: Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Orchestration Programming, Backing Vocals
John Butler: Singing, Rhythm Guitar, Piano
Ian Michie: Bass, Backing Vocals, Guitar
Rich Barton: Ventilation, Mystery

Disco: HIPReplacement
Ano: 1998
1. Suck To Live (4:15)
2. Bloody As Fur (4:09)
3. All Your Birthdays (4:16)
4. What Are You Dreaming Now? (4:07)
5. Here Come The Refugees (4:39)
6. The Bridge (3:59)
7. Briefly, When Mary Was Young (4:06)
8. Love It! (3:28)
9. Alexander, Shut Up (5:04)
10. Siegmund Says (5:00)
11. Everything Works Both Ways (4:07)
12. The Last Of The Silent Friends (6:30)
Músicas de autoria de John Butler, salvo "Here Come The Refugees" e "Briefly, When Mary Was Young", compostas por John Butler e Rick Willson.
John Butler: Lead Vocals, Bass (faixa 1), Guitar (faixas 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12), Acoustic Guitar (faixas 3, 4, 11), Additional Acoustic Guitar (faixa 9), Organ (faixas 10, 12), Keys (faixa 10)
Ian Michie: Bass (faixas 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12), Guitar (faixa 9)
David Anderson: Drums, Bass (faixa 6)
Rick Willson: Guitar (faixas 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10), Bass (faixas 3, 4, 6), Electric Lead Guitar (faixa 3), Acoustic Guitar (faixas 3, 4), Drums (faixa 6), Electric Guitar (faixa 11), Overdub Guitar (faixa 12)
Geoff Beavan: Guitar (faixa 6), Bass (faixa 11)
Richie Barton: Guitar (faixas 8, 9)
Ian Bramble: Piano (faixas 8, 9)
Paul Sampson: Additional Acoustic Guitar (faixa 9)

Disco: Thought For Food
Ano: 2000
1. Satellite Day (Butler) 3:25
2. Marionettes (Butler) 4:13
3. Valentine Why? (Butler) 4:30
4. Forever Partners (Balaclava 1854) (Butler) 3:54
5. Spirit In A Dark World (Butler) 4:01
6. Desiree (Butler) 3:20
7. Fabulous Child (Butler) 5:10
8. You St. Catherine (Butler) 3:22
9. Too Much (Butler) 4:07
10. Back In The Box (Butler) 3:49
11. The Big Surprise (Butler) 4:30
12. Little Hands (Spence) 3:56
13. Picture Of You (Beveridge, Oakman) 7:16
John Butler: Rhythm guitar, Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Rick Willson: Lead Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards
Richie Barton: Lead Guitars
Moth Smith: Drums
D. Anderson: Drums
Geoff Beavan: Bass
Ian Mitchie: Bass ("Fabulous Child")
Big Bernard Cash: Lead Vocals ("Picture Of You")

Disco: Snooker, Curry & Dope
Ano: 2000
1. Life Full Of Love (5:46)
2. Snooker, Curry & Dope (4:32)
3. Living Outside Your Head (5:41)
4. Face At The Window (4:37)
5. Don't Forget To Wave (4:13)
6. Diamonds & Pearls (4:41)
7. Fury Of The World (3:58)
8. Thanks A Lot (4:04)
9. Stay Alive (3:24)
10. Wear It For Me (3:37)
Não se conseguiu descobrir a autoria das músicas.
Créditos (prováveis):
John Butler: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Rick Willson: Guitar, Vocals
Moth Smith: Drums
Geoff Beavan: Bass

Disco: Blood & Grace
Ano: 2007
1. If They Ever Turn The Lights On (3:28)
2. Men Of Blood (4:15)
3. Tony's Garden (4:13)
4. Indian (4:50)
5. Just Like Me (6:14)
6. There's A Grace (4:04)
7. Personal Lives (2:36)
8. This Guy (3:21)
9. The Groovin' (4:21)
10. Faithless (3:44)
Não se conseguiu descobrir a autoria das músicas.
Créditos (prováveis):
John Butler: Vocals, Guitar
Rick Willson: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Geoff Beavan: Bass
Rob Morris: Drums

Disco: The BBC Radio One Sessions, 1987-1991 [Bonus Disc]
Ano: 2007
Disc One
1. Like Princess Do (Butler) 3:05
2. The Girl With The Name (Butler) 3:04
3. Jackie's Still Sad (Butler) 3:45
4. House Divided (Butler, Seymour) 3:55
5. Bell Of Hope (Butler) 4:00
6. I Want No Mystery (Butler) 2:46
7. Fine Lily Fine (Butler, Willson) 3:08
8. Opportunity Crazy (Butler) 4:00
9. All The Myths On Sunday (Butler, Willson) 4:26
10. Out Of Nowhere (Butler) 3:32
11. Here I Stand (Butler) 3:57
12. Too Much Life To Forget About (Butler) 4:20
13. Fall To Love (Butler) 4:52
14. While The World Cries Decency (Butler) 5:32
15. Safe Life, Safe Times (Butler) 4:54
16. Somewhere In The Afterglow (Butler) 5:49
Disc Two [Bonus]
1. Intro & Jingle (Unknown) 2:45
2. Personal Lives & Chat (Unknown) 5:31
3. Just Like Me & Chat (Unknown) 6:43
4. There's A Grace (Unknown) 4:32
5. In Germany Before The War [BBC Pebble Mill Session] (Unknown) 3:55
Créditos (presumíveis):
Geoff Beavan: Bass
John Butler: Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar, Some Keyboards
David "Moth" Smith: Drummer
Rick Willson: Lead Guitars, Some Keyboards

Disco: Diesels Play Byrds
Ano: 2008
1. Change Is Now (Hillman, McGuinn) 3:32
2. Why (McGuinn, Crosby) 3:06
3. Here Without You (Clark) 2:45
4. John Riley (Traditional) 3:06
5. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Clark) 2:35
6. The Bells Of Rhymney (Davies, Seeger) 3:35
7. Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional) 2:38
8. So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Start (McGuinn, Hillman) 3:15
9. What's Happening?!?! (Crosby) 2:50
10. I See You (McGuinn, Crosby) 3:06
11. He Was A Friend Of Mine (Traditional) 2:24
12. My Back Pages (Dylan) 3:20
13. Mr. Spaceman (McGuinn) 2:17
14. Everybody's Been Burned (Crosby) 3:18
15. Renaissance Fair (Crosby, McGuinn) 1:53
16. Draft Morning (Crosby, Hillman, McGuinn) 2:53
17. Turn! Turn! Turn! (Seeger) 3:49
18. 5D (Fifth Dimension) (McGuinn) 2:40
19. Eight Miles High (Clark, McGuinn, Crosby) 3:59
20. Goin' Back (King, Goffin) 3:35
21. Wasn't Born To Follow (King, Goffin) 2:01
22. It Won't Be Wrong (McGuinn, Gerst) 1:57
Adam Ellis: Vocal, Tambourine
Rick Wilson: Vocal, Rickenbacker 12 string
John Butler: Vocal, Gretsch 6 string
Geoff Beaven: Epiphone bass
Rob "Vom" Morris: Ludwig drums

Disco: Do Come In, Excuse The Mess
Ano: 2012
1. Charlotte Its All Over (4:22)
2. Something Sad In The City (4:13)
3. Lover's Voice (3:33)    
4. Arthur's Song (4:10)
5. Last Show In Town (4:21)
6. I Can't Remember It (3:33)
7. Colleseum T.V. (4:16)
8. I'm Not Broken (4:55)
9. Real Good Life (3:52)
10. You Brought Out The Good In Me (5:21)
Não se conseguiu descobrir a autoria das músicas.
Créditos (presumíveis):
John Butler: Guitar, Vocal
Rick Wilson: Guitar, Vocal
Geoff Beaven: Bass
Rob "Vom" Morris: Drums

Disco: What Kept You? [Unreleased tracks 1994-1996]
Ano: 2012
1. Face Of Years (3:21)
2. Long Hair And The Cities Of Europe (4:38)
3. 5am Breakdown (5:16)
4. Maybe In The Next Dream (5:10)
5. People Need Hope (3:28)
6. Edge Of Faith (3:45)
7. You Took All Of Me (5:57)
8. Avenue Rose (4:18)
9. Shackles Of Love (3:41)
10. The Minute You're Gone (5:01)
11. Genius Alert (3:36)
12. In The Beginning (3:03)
13. Bring Your Load (4:10)
14. Luckiest Man In London (4:01)
15. Jus' No Good (3:41)
Não se conseguiu descobrir a autoria das músicas.
Créditos (presumíveis):
John Butler: Vocals, Guitar
Rick Wilson: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
David Anderson: Drums, Percussion
Ian Michie: Bass, Vocals

Disco: Hang Johnson [Unreleased tracks 1997-1999]
Ano: 2012
1. Travel The Earth (Unknown) 4:36
2. You'll See (Unknown) 4:05
3. Singing Life (Unknown) 3:30
4. My Brother There (Unknown) 3:46
5. Don't Tell Me (Unknown) 4:30
6. Chateaux Burning (Unknown) 4:00
7. All The Creatures (Unknown) 5:27
8. Travel The Earth [Live] (Unknown) 4:35
9. Chateaux Burning [Live] (Unknown) 4:22
10. Singing Life [Live] (Unknown) 3:43
11. Someday [Live] (Unknown) 4:40
12. A House Divided [Live] (Butler, Seymour) 6:14
13. When The Hoodoo Comes [Live] (Butler) 5:30
14. Mr. Soul [Live] (Young) 3:23
Créditos (prováveis);
John Butler: Vocals, Guitar
Rick Willson: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Richie Barton: Lead Guitars
Geoff Beavan: Bass
Ian Michie: Bass
David "Moth" Smith: Drums

A banda pop britânica Diesel Park West foi formada em Leicester, Inglaterra, em 1987, pelo vocalista e guitarrista John Butler, os guitarristas Rick Willson e Rich Barton, o baixista Geoff Beavan e o baterista Dave Anderson.
Ao assinar com a Food Records, subsidiária da EMI, o quinteto estreou com o single "When the Hoodoo Comes"; seguiu-se um sólido ano de turnês e composições, com a emissão de uma série de singles posteriores, incluindo "Jackie's Still Sad", "All The Myths On Sunday" e "Like Princes Do", antes de finalmente ser lançado o seu primeiro LP, "Shakespeare Alabama", em 1989. Apesar das boas críticas, o álbum não foi bem; o lançamento do EP "Christmas", de 1989, com uma regravação de "Info Freako", da Jesus Jones, acarretou maior exposição ao grupo, mas a Diesel Park West logo se afastou tanto das apresentações ao vivo quanto das gravações em estúdio para continuar a aprimorar suas habilidades de composição.
Na sua ausência dos palcos, veio à tona o álbum "Flipped", de 1990, uma improvisada coleção de lados B e sobras de estúdio; em 1991, enfim, saiu um disco trabalhado, "Decency", mas novamente sem sucesso comercial. Em continuação, a Food solicitou um LP só de covers, embora apenas uma série de EPs, cada um destacado pela execução de uma música dos Beach Boys, "God Only Knows", tenha se materializado. Logo a seguir, a Diesel Park West acabou rompendo com a Food, para ressurgir em 1993, com o despojado disco "Diesel Park West vs. Corporate Waltz", já pela gravadora Demon. Depois de outra mudança de gravadora – desta vez para a Permanent –, bem como a substituição de Beavan por Ian Michie, a banda lançou "FreakGene", em 1995. A abrangente coletânea "Left Hand Band: The Very Best of Diesel Park West" surgiu em 1997, e "HIPReplacement", em 2001 (Jason Ankeny, AllMusic; tradução livre do inglês).

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Essa é uma ótima banda pop rock, infelizmente bastante subestimada. Mas é assim mesmo. Em tempos de Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, etc., está cada vez mais difícil escutar boa música. Obrigado pelo comentário, Jayme.

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eu tenho o LP Sheakspere alabama,que acho sensacional, e agora vou poder conhecer melhor o resto da discografia, que até no youtube é dificil de encontrar. vocês tem recomendações de albuns preferidos?

Indignaldo Silva disse...

Não é vocês, sou eu sozinho que toco os blogs. Acho que uma boa pedida é o disco com covers da Byrds. Valeu o comentário, Marcos.

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