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The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey - Discografia básica

Banda: The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey
Gênero: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Disco: Candy Prankster
Ano: 2006
1. Candy Prankster (4:31)
2. The Prophet (3:45)
3. It's Only Just A Dream (5:08)
4. Fly By Night (3:49)
5. Urban Shaman (4:45)
6. Heaven (4:49)
7. Universal Man (4:22)
8. In The Garden (3:46)
9. Open Up Your Mind (5:04)
10. Time In Motion (4:42)
11. The Trail (6:54)
Músicas de autoria de Gerry Alvarez.
Gerry Alvarez: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Alfonse Lanza, Giovanni Polisena: Guitar
Tony Carvalho, Tyler Smith: Drums

Disco: Omega Tea Time
Ano: 2010
1. No Man's Island (3:12)
2. Voices From The Sky (3:37)
3. Middle Way (2:58)
4. End Is Beginning (2:49)
5. Repression (4:02)
6. Cosmic Weaving (3:19)
7. Too Many Reasons (3:09)
8. Temple On The Hill (3:27)
9. I Hear The Wind (4:23)
10. A Carnival Is Life (4:47)
Músicas de autoria de Gerry Alvarez.
Gerry Alvarez: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Flavio Monopoly: Drums

Gerry Alvarez é membro da Lendária Banda Garage-Punk Canadense THE GRUESOMES!
The Odyssey é a sua Banda Solo... Um Combo PoP-Psyc, com Seu Próprio formato e Som Único!
Gerry + The Odyssey acabaram de Lançar Seu segundo CD, intitulado OMEGA TEA TIME... 10 Trabalhos Autorais de Inspirada Música Psicodélica, feitas para Deliciar O Seu Sentido Surreal!!
OMEGA TEA TIME é o Disco Posterior do Altamente Aclamado Primeiro CD de Gerry, CANDY PRANKSTER!!
Venha Escutar + Experimentar THE ODYSSEY!!!! (Reverbnation; tradução livre do inglês).

3 comentários:

sfdoomed disse...

Thank you for the Gerry Alvarez material. I never knew he had done anything after the Gruesomes, so I was excited to hear these newer tunes. While they are not packed with the same garage punch of his earlier work, I do enjoy his more melodic approach found on these two albums.

Musicômano disse...

Really, the sound is quite different in these two albums; more powerpop, psychedelic. Thanks for comment, sfdoomed.

Indignaldo Silva disse...

Thanks for comment (sorry for the delay, I did not see it).

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