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Sisters Euclid (Featuring Sandy Dillon & Ray Majors) - 96 Tears

Banda: Sisters Euclid (Featuring Sandy Dillon & Ray Majors)
Disco: 96 Tears
Ano: 2010
Gênero: Jazz Rock, Alternative Rock
1. 96 Tears (R. Martinez) 2:51
2. Dead Flowers (Jagger, Richards) 5:30
3. This Is The Day (D. Van Vliet) 3:32
4. How Many More Years (C. Burnett) 5:10
5. Good Morning Heartache (Drake, Fisher, Higginbotham) 4:03
6. Oh Sweet Nuthin' (L. Reed) 5:15
7. Love That Burns (P. A. Green) 4:43
8. Move Over (J. Joplin) 4:49
9. Travellin' Light (Mundy, Young, Mercer) 4:00
10. Cars Hiss By My Window (Krieger, Densmore, Morrison, Manzarek) 4:16
11. These Arms Of Mine (O. Redding) 4:13
12. Dust Pneumonia Blues (W. Guthrie) 3:16
Kevin Breit: Guitar
Rob Gusevs: Keyboards
Iand DeSouza: Bass
Gary Taylor: Drums
Sandy Dillon: Vocals
Ray Majors: Guitar


A biografia da banda já foi postada aqui, juntamente com o disco "John and the Sisters", de 2004.

4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

96 tears & dead flowers for start

MERCI !!!!!


Musicômano disse...

Is a superb disc, RV. Deserves hearing. Thanks for comment.

Anônimo disse...

Thank you. These look very interesting.

Indignaldo Silva disse...

You're welcome (later).

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