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Velvet Crush - Discografia básica

Banda: Velvet Crush
Gênero: Powerpop, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Cover 1
Disco: In The Presence Of Greatness [Bonus Tracks]
Ano: 1991
1. Window To The World (3:10)
2. Drive Me Down (3:56)
3. Ash And Earth (2:57)
4. White Soul (4:12)
5. Superstar (3:46)
6. Blind Faith (4:13)
7. Speedway Baby (3:44)
8. Stop (2:22)
9. Asshole (5:08)
10. Die A Little Every Day (2:53)
11. Circling The Sun [Demo] [Bonus Track] (2:00)    
12. Everything Flows [Demo] [Bonus Track] (4:33)
13. She Cracked [Demo] [Bonus Track] (2:49)
Músicas de autoria da banda, exceto "Everything Flows", composta por Norman Blake, e "She Cracked", composta por Jonathan Richman.
Paul Chastain: Bass, Vocals
Ric Menck: Drums, Tambourine
Jeffrey Borchardt (a.k.a. Jeffrey Underhill, Jeffrey Porche): Guitar
Mud: Wail Guitar ("Blind Faith", "Asshole"), Backing Vocals ("Blind Faith", "Asshole")

Disco: Teenage Symphonies To God
Ano: 1994
1. Hold Me Up (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 2:59
2. My Blank Pages (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 3:30
3. Why Not Your Baby (Clark) 4:48
4. Time Wraps Around You (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 4:13
5. Atmosphere (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 3:53
6. #10 (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 2:23
7. Faster Days (Borchardt, Chastain, Duffy, Menck) 4:36
8. Something's Gotta Give (Sweet) 5:50
9. This Life Is Killing Me (Borchardt, Chastain, Duffy, Menck) 2:49
10. Weird Summer (Borchardt, Chastain, Duffy, Menck) 3:52
11. Star Trip (Borchardt, Chastain, Duffy, Menck) 4:17
12. Keep On Lingerin' (Borchardt, Chastain, Duffy, Menck) 2:29
Paul Chastain: Bass, Vocals
Ric Menck: Drums
Jeffrey Borchardt (a.k.a. Jeffrey Underhill, Jeffrey Porche): Guitar
Wes Lachot: Piano, Organ
Lynn Blakey: Background Vocals
Greg Leisz: Pedal Steel Guitar
John Chumbris: Background Vocals
Stephen Duffy: Background Vocals

Disco: Heavy Changes
Ano: 1998
1. Play For Keeps (Chastain, Menck, Phillips, Underhill) 4:17
2. Standing Still (Chastain, Menck, Phillips, Underhill) 4:10
3. Fear Of Flying (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 5:41
4. Think It Over (Chastain, Menck, Phillips, Underhill) 4:25
5. Ever After (Chastain, Menck, Phillips, Underhill) 4:16
6. Used To Believe (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 5:35
7. Wake Up (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 2:04
8. God Speed (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 4:42
9. White Satin Bed (Owens, Price) 5:29
10. Live For Now (Chastain, Menck, Phillips, Underhill) 4:09
11. Seen Better Days (Velvet Crush) 4:44
Paul Chastain: Bass, Vocals
Ric Menck: Drums
Jeffrey Underhill (a.k.a. Jeffrey Borchardt, Jeffrey Porche): Guitar
Peter Phillips: Guitar, Keyboards
Dave Gibbs: Harmony Vocals
Greg Humphrey: Guitar, Vocals
Wes Lachot: Piano, Organ

Disco: Free Expression [Bonus Track]
Ano: 1999
1. Kill Me Now (3:22)
2. Worst Enemy (2:17)
3. Between The Lines (4:24)
4. Goin' To My Head (3:22)
5. Heaven Knows (3:10)
6. Roman Candle (4:06)
7. Melody Nº 1 (2:15)
8. Things Get Better (1:41)
9. Gentle Breeze (3:11)
10. All Together (3:28)
11. Shine On Me (1:54)
12. The Unlucky One (3:09)
13. Ballad Of Yesteryear (4:04)
14. On My Side (2:34)
15. Kill Me Now [Demo] [Bonus Track] (3:43)
Músicas de autoria de Chastain e Menck, salvo "Worst Enemy" e "Melody Nº 1", compostas por Chastain, Menck e Sweet.
Paul Chastain: Bass, Vocals
Ric Menck: Drums
Matthew Sweet: Vocals, Guitar
Greg Leisz: Pedal Steel Guitar
David Gibbs: Background Vocals

Disco: Rock Concert [Live]
Ano: 2000
1. Window To The World (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 3:01
2. My Blank Pages (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 3:38
3. Ash And Earth (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 2:50
4. Time Wraps Around You (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 3:58
5. Atmosphere (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 4:22
6. This Life Is Killing Me (Borchardt, Chastain, Duffy, Menck) 3:17
7. Hold Me Up (Borchardt, Chastain, Menck) 2:50
8. Remember The Lightning (20/20 [*], Flynt) 3:12
[*] Banda americana, em ativa nas décadas de 70 a 90, formada por Steve Allen, Ron Flynt, Mike Gallo e Chris Silagyi.
Paul Chastain: Bass, Vocals
Ric Menck: Drums
Jeffrey Underhill (a.k.a. Jeffrey Borchardt, Jeffrey Porche): Guitar
Tommy Keene: Guitar

Disco: A Single Odessey
Ano: 2001
1. If Not True (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 3:09
2. One Thing Two Believe (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 3:32    
3. Circling The Sun (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 2:00    
4. Everything Flows (Blake) 4:22
5. She Cracked (Richman) 2:42
6. Atmosphere (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 4:06
7. Gentle Breeze (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 3:18
8. Butterfly Position (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 3:16
9. Drive Me Down [Acoustic Version] (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 3:07
10. Remember The Lightning (20/20, Flynt) 2:54
11. Elevator Operator (Clark) 2:55
12. Mr. Spaceman (McGuinn) 2:12
13. On Hundred Years From Now (Parsons) 3:05
14. Don't You Slip Away From Me (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 4:28
15. It's Been Too Long And It's Too Late Now (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 3:06
16. Be Someone Tonight (Chastain, Menck, Underhill) 3:00   
17. Leisure 40 (Chastain, Easter, Menck) 4:01
18. The Thing That You Do (Chastain, Easter, Menck) 3:37
19. Party Line (Chastain, Menck) 1:50   
20. On My Side (Chastain, Menck) 2:31
Paul Chastain: Bass, Vocals, Guitar (faixas 19 e 20), Harpsichord (faixas 19 e 20)
Ric Menck: Drums, Shaker (faixa 9)
Jeffrey Underhill (a.k.a. Jeffrey Borchardt, Jeffrey Porche): Guitar (faixas 3 a 15)
Matthew Sweet: Guitar (faixas 1 a 8), Harmony Vocals (faixas 3 a 8)
Mitch Easter: Guitar (faixas 10 a 18)
David Gibbs: Guitar (faixa 9), Harmony Vocals (faixa 9)
Greg Leisz: Guitar (faixas 13 a 15), Pedal Steel Guitar (faixas 13 a 15)
Wes Lachot: Piano (faixas 13 a 15)
Lynn Blakey: Harmony Vocals (faixas 13 a 15)
Mitch Easter: Bass (faixas 16 a 18), Drums (faixas 16 a 18), Combo Organ (faixas 16 a 18), Synthesizer (faixas 16 a 18), Chamberlain Flute (faixas 16 a 18)

Disco: Melody Freaks
Ano: 2002
1. Star Trip [Demo from "Teenage Symphonies Of God"] (3:28)
2. Time Wraps Around You [Demo from "Teenage Symphonies Of God"] (4:20)
3. Hold Me Up [Demo from "Teenage Symphonies Of God"] (3:05)
4. Standing Down [Outtake] (3:04)
5. Further Over You [Outtake] (3:37)
6. Beside Yourself [Outtake] (4:50)
7. Seen Better Days [Outtake] (4:44)
8. Turn Down [Outtake] (2:33)
9. My Blank Pages [Demo from "Teenage Symphonies Of God"] (3:43)
10. This Life Is Killing Me [Demo from "Teenage Symphonies Of God"] (3:01)
11. Weird Summer [Demo from "Teenage Symphonies Of God"] (3:41)
12. One Thing Two Believe [Demo from the single "If Not True/One Thing Two Believe"] (3:39)
13. Reunion Day [Outtake] (3:32)
14. The Real One [Outtake] (3:35)
15. If Not True [Demo from the single "If Not True/One Thing Two Believe"] (2:54)
16. Goin' To My Head [Demo from "Free Expression"] (3:17)
17. Heaven Knows [Demo from "Free Expression"] (3:11)
18. Keep On Lingerin' [Demo from "Teenage Symphonies Of God"] (2:45)
Músicas de autoria da banda, exceto "Turn Down", composta por Cooper.
Paul Chastain: Bass, Vocals
Ric Menck: Drums
Mike Denneen: Chamberlin
Mitch Easter: Guitar
Dave Gibbs: Harmony Vocals
Phil Hurley: Guitar
Wes Lachot: Electric Piano
Peter Phillips: Guitar
Jeffrey Underhill (a.k.a. Jeffrey Borchardt, Jeffrey Porche): Guitar
Segundo o site AllMusic, o subtítulo da compilação seria "A Collection of Demos and Outtakes 1990-1996"; conforme ainda o mesmo site, 7 músicas são demos do disco "Teenage Symphonies Of God", 2 são demos do disco "Free Expression", 2 são demos do single [7’] "If Not True/One Thing Two Believe" e o restante são sobras de estúdio, a maioria das sessões de gravação do disco "Heavy Changes".

Disco: Soft Sounds
Ano: 2002
1. Staying Found (Velvet Crush) 2:35
2. Don't Take Me Down (Velvet Crush) 2:35
3. Rollin' In My Sleep (Davis) 3:12
4. Some Kind Of Light (Velvet Crush) 1:45
5. Save Me A Place (Buckingham) 2:59
6. In Your Time (Velvet Crush) 2:38
7. Forever, For Now (Velvet Crush) 2:59
8. She Goes On (Velvet Crush) 3:11
9. Vanishing Point (Velvet Crush) 2:10
10. Duchess (Engel) 3:18
11. Party Line (Samba) (Velvet Crush) 2:00
12. Late In The Day (Velvet Crush) 4:07
Paul Chastain: Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ric Menck: Drums, Vocals
Greg Leisz: Guitar, Pedal Steel
Matt Lynch: String Bass
Matthew Sweet: Bass, Guitar, Organ, Vocal Harmony
Jeffrey Underhill (a.k.a. Jeffrey Borchardt, Jeffrey Porche): Drums

Disco: Stereo Blues
Ano: 2004
1. Rusted Star (2:19)
2. Do What You Want (2:33)
3. Here It Comes (2:46)
5. Son Of Ray (1:49)
6. California Incline (5:00)
7. Fall Awake (3:55)
8. Want You Now (1:55)
9. B-Side Blues (3:22)
10. Get Yourself Right (3:41)
11. Great To Be Fine (2:17)
Músicas de autoria de Chastain e Menck.
Paul Chastain: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Pedal Steel, Vocals
Ric Menck: Drums, Guitar
Roy Ewing: Drums
Buddy Judge: Bass
Bob Kimbell: Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocal Harmony
Nick Rudd: Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar
Adam Schmitt: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal Harmony

Uma banda powerpop na tradição de Raspberries e Big Star, a Velvet Crush formou-se em Rhode Island, EUA, em 1989, embora suas raízes, na verdade, provenham do oeste de Champaign, Illinois, EUA, onde o vocalista e  baixista Paul Chastain e o baterista Ric Menck se conheceram e começaram a se apresentar juntos. Lá, Menck fundou sua pequena mas própria gravadora, a Picture Book, pela qual ele e Chastain gravaram material solo, bem como singles, por trás de grupos de variadas denominações, como Springfields, Choo Choo Train, Paint Set e Bag O’Shells. A Picture Book também lançou discos da White Sisters, banda de Milwaukee, Wisconsin, EUA, liderada pelo guitarrista Jeffrey Borchardt, com quem Menck mantinha amizade. Quando Borchardt finalmente mudou-se para Providence, em Rhode Island, no ano de 1988, ele encorajou Menck e Chastain a acompanhá-lo; eles fizeram isso, e a Velvet Crush logo começou a realizar seus primeiros shows.

Em 1991, Matthew Sweet, um amigo de longa data, produziu o primeiro disco do grupo, "In The Presence Of Greatness"; um sucesso perante a imprensa musical britânica, o álbum granjeou à banda um contrato com a Creation, uma influente gravadora inglesa. Para a gravação de "Teenage Symphonies To God" (o título foi retirado da descrição de Brian Wilson para o idealizado som do lendário LP "Smile", dos Beach Boys), de 1994, a Velvet Crush recrutou o produtor Mitch Easter, conhecido por seu trabalho com a REM e como líder da Let's Active. Os membros do grupo também continuaram a trabalhar em projetos individuais, com Menck lançando a coleção solo "The Ballad Of Ric Menck", em 1996. O muito aguardado terceiro disco da Velvet Crush, "Heavy Changes", finalmente apareceu pelo próprio selo da banda, Action Musik, em 1998. Sem Borchardt, o grupo ressurgiu em 1999 com "Free Expression". "Rock Concert" foi lançado no outono de 2000 (nota minha: a banda ainda lançou "Soft Sounds", em 2002, e "Stereo Blues", em 2004) (Jason Ankeny, AllMusic; tradução livre do inglês).

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